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"You're an idea man." - Jos Anshell, Co-Founder, Moses Anshell

BoB Renock was born in the sweltering heat of central Pennsylvania, where they do not believe in central air. In the winter months the Renock family relocated to the southwest corner of Indiana to remain, minus a brief stop in southern Illinois. Growing up in the late 70s/early 80s, BoB was raised on Motown, pro wrestling, Saturday morning cartoons and the Commodore 64.

Having been born into the advertising business, BoB's love of creating was nurtured by the creative department of a local ad agency. Fast forward to 1995, while attending the University of Evansville, BoB became an early lover of the thing called the "Web". After taking and helping teach the only web design course at the time, BoB saw the world of possibilities and began his journey of entering the creative world by taking on freelance jobs from companies in California, Arizona, Massachusetts and everywhere in between.

As a new graduate, BoB started a job at a local bank, but quickly realized his love of creating was overpowering. BoB seized the opportunity to be in charge of Digital Media at the same local ad agency he grew up in. During this time, BoB to began copywriting, learning various graphic design programs and the ins and outs of video production. In 2002, BoB moved on to Evansville Cable Advertising as the head of Production, honing his creative toolset and adding the art of dealing with clients.

When Evansville Cable Advertising ceased operations in 2005, BoB and co-worker at ECA were approached by numerous clients about continuing a relationship and in fact acting as a full service agency, adopting the name Zero Echo Media. This allowed BoB to leverage his management and marketing education with his real world creative assets to help partner with brands across the country.

In the winter of 2010 BoB attended a meeting of local designers at a local pizza joint. That meeting would lead to BoB helping form a recognized 501c(6) Evansville Design Group. In 2013, BoB became the President of EDG with the mission to promote design exellence through education, networking, and enrichment within and among the local design community. Envolvment in the EDG helped BoB realize a goal of mentoring aspriring creatives.

After nearly a decade running Zero Echo Media, in July 2014 BoB was offered the position of Creative Director and Brand Manager for Old National Bank. Headquartered in Evansville, Indiana, Old National has nearly 200 locations across Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan and Wisconsin. In his time there BoB has been involved many initiates including producing the first "brand" commercials in many years and the launch of a fully responsive website.

BoB’s work has netted Addy and Telly awards, a sweet collection of tour laminates, but the great friends made in the world of music, television, and advertising, makes the continuing battle against the "mediocrity mindset" all worth it.

The Work

"...ecstatic about the work you've done and thoroughly impressed!" - Chris Kempf, President, Donut Bank

Old National

2016 was the year of brand at Old National. In May after a 6 month creative process, Old National with the creative help of Wavelength Films launch two commercials focusing on telling the Old National story. The spots have been met with praise both internally and from the public.

But the year of brand didn't stop there, in June, a site that attracts over 3 million visitors a month, was totally redsigned for the first time in nearly a decade.

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United Caring Services

In 2013, after a yearlong evaluation, the UCS Board of Directors agreed a name change would best reflect the growth of United Caring Shelters and the movement to fulfilling the vision of the “End Dependence” campaign by creating a Community of Caring focused on providing additional services to the program’s guests.

The rebranding process for United Caring Services was made available by a donation of creativity and professional service of Bob, also a member of the UCS Board of Directors. The entire brand was recreated within the span of 60 days.

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Big Green Egg

Leisure Distributors is the third largest distributor of Big Green Egg products in the US. Bob has partnered with Leisure Distributors to create extensive, award-winning promotional materials, both for themselves and for the individual retail outlets.

The latest creation is a television campaign entitled “3 Course Combo”, in which the viewer believes they are seeing a restaurant commercial, it is then revealed that all the food is prepared on a Big Green Egg.

This campaign is playing in various markets throughout the US.

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Donut Bank

Donut Bank called upon Bob to evaluate its brand positioning. A key to the new strategy was to launch a redesigned website, everything from the color scheme to new photography was purposely chosen to define the new style. The new was launched in November 2013.

Donut Bank has also utilized Bob’s services to develop numerous television and radio campaigns.

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Shannon Aleksandr's Salon & Spa

In 2011, Shannon Aleksandr’s Salon and Spa celebrated their 5th Anniversary by expanding into a brand new facility. Bob was tasked with redefining their brand. Making the silver S the icon of the brand was a unanimous decision.

The S was implemented immediately in all collateral pieces and marketing materials including: Magazine/Newspaper/Online Ads, TV and Movie Theater commercials and the official iPhone and Android app.

In the years since the re-branding, Shannon Aleksandr’s Salon and Spa has been named “Best Hair Salon” and“Best Spa” by Evansville Living Magazine, took home a Gold Reader’s Choice Award from the Evansville Courier Press and broke $2 million in sales.

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House of Bluez

Jodi Merrick had a vision of opening a premium denim boutique called House of Bluez and in 2007 she partnered with Bob to help turn her dreams into reality.

From developing the brand, assisting with design aspects of the store itself: everything from wall colors, lighting, audio/video components, and even point of sale, Bob worked hand in hand with House of Bluez.

Marketing the first of it’s kind boutique in a city is quite a challenge, but add in the additional effects of the economy and it becomes somewhat scary. Bob continually implements unique techniques to keep the brand in the relevant in a challenging market.

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"...really affirms what we know - we're a great team with you." - Kristen Tucker, Publisher, Evansville Living Magazine

Adam Turla – Lead Vocalist/Guitarist, Murder By Death, Bloomington, IN – mbdband[@]

“Bob was able to pull of what it took us ten years to finally put together. Our DVD never would have happened without his hard work and ability to keep us on task. The end product is great!”

Jason Addams – Program Director, Hot 96, Evansville, IN – jason[@]

“Bob Renock is a talented, creative professional. Bob and I collaborated on Hot 96′s first web based reality show for Hot His wealth of knowledge, patience and creative input is likely why we won national TELLY award for the project. Simply put: Every aspect of Bob’s involvement with myself and Hot 96 was exemplary, top notch, outstanding. For our next project, Bob Renock is the first guy I call.”

Jodi Merrick – Owner, House of Bluez, Evansville, IN – jmerrick[@]

“Bob was instrumental in helping me develop my vision in the opening of my denim boutique. Not just helping brand the store, but helping with design aspects of the store itself: everything from wall colors, lighting, audio/video components, and even point of sale. He even went as far as entering inventory and working the cash register during our VIP Opening.”

David Headlee – Owner, Video Security Company, Evansville, IN – david[@]

”Having been Bob’s employer at Evansville Cable Advertising, I can whole-heartedly say he was the hardest working employee, always the first in the office and last out, making sure every job was completed. I have also had the pleasure of working with Bob as a client with my new company. He has created numerous collateral and branding pieces that helped me hit the ground running”.

Carson Catlin – Senior Motion Graphics Designer, Two West, Kansas City, MO – carsonc[@]

“I have worked with Bob on numerous projects throughout my career. His creative vision is top notch and his attention to detail is amazing.”

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